Delivering Experiences That Go Beyond Our Imagination

February 7, 2022

By Mark Schulze
Updated: Apr 11


Mark Schulze joined TSX earlier this year as Chief Strategy Officer. Read on for his thoughts about creating experiences that people love and how technology will shape the future of entertainment.

The future is bright here at TSX, and we’re at the forefront of this incredible, pivotal moment for artists and technologists. Once we’re live, we’ll be able to surprise and delight fans, where everyone can be someone special and have a personalized and unforgettable experience.

I have been a student and teacher at the forefront of many technological changes. I watched our communication transition from mail to email and digital birthday cards. I’ve seen music and entertainment go from Hi-Fidelity and low convenience to hyper convenient Bluetooth speakers and music on demand from Pandora, Spotify, and Apple. Meanwhile, the transition of payments, while stark, is only beginning. Looking back at the inventions of the last few years and seeing where we are today, times clearly are changing, but the truth is we are just changing with the times.

For me personally, it has always been about creating experiences that people love and enjoy.

I started at AOL in the early days, when it was the only online outlet for people, and worked on online shopping, communities, and local. I saw first-hand how organic message boards and chat rooms brought people together on the web and in real life. Later, I worked at Intuit to build and took Intuit online. I went on to run both Product & Engineering at the Match Group, where I became interested in data and behavioral analysis. I’ve also had my hand in co-founding companies: Quantcast, a global advertising technology company, and, the largest open-architecture point of sale solution aimed at small & medium-sized business owners.

We assembled a world-class team and were lucky enough to build Clover into the largest merchant-facing app marketplace in the world, with over $215 billion in payments processed annually. While building the fastest growing payment company in history was exciting (we grew from $0 in volume to $50 billion in 4 years), there’s still nothing more rewarding than those moments when you realize that you did something that positively impacted their life, and that’s what really drives innovation and me personally. Whether it’s a small business owner or the end consumer, we’re giving more freedom and control over their experience.

Music is one of the foundations of humanity. There’s nothing more basic. If we connect people with music in new and special ways while allowing them to share that experience with the people that they’re with – that’s a truly fundamental human need. If we can provide that effectively in a new way that goes beyond radio, beyond Pandora, beyond the basic concert experience connecting artists and fans on a new level, now, that’s a fantastic opportunity.

At TSX Entertainment, we are sitting at the crossroads between fintech, entertainment, and consumer experience. As we look toward the Metaverse and NFTs, I can’t help but believe our vision and mission at TSX allows us to be positioned to drive these trends with our next-level entertainment and retail experience. We will combine the digital and physical worlds to deliver an unprecedented range of customer engagement that goes beyond our imagination.

Our vision is that payments at TSX Entertainment will be invisible. Our revolutionary app will forge the gap between e-commerce and live retail, utilizing elements of facial recognition, geofencing, near-field communication, and new techniques I will be excited to announce at a later date. We’re looking toward a future with Integrated communication, payments, and a frictionless experience.


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