DJ Skee on His Vision for the Future of Metaverse

April 28, 2022


By Scott “Dj Skee” Keeney

Music and entertainment are in my blood; my parents were musicians, writers, and radio hosts. I started DJing as a teenager, selling mixtapes in high school and leveraging the internet to distribute them worldwide. However, my big break came when I was 16, after writing a letter to Steve Rifkind about what he was doing wrong with his label- Loud Records- at the time. The internet was starting to disrupt the music industry, and label executives like Steve didn’t know what to do. My pitch to him came from the perspective of a digital native. I was a part of the first generation to grow up online. I was early to experiment, have, and understand the medium, community, and culture.

Back then, the music industry didn’t realize the power the internet would have- and it nearly decimated the entire business. Although the industry is back on track, I believe Web3 offers an even more significant opportunity than the internet for entertainment. The definition of music and entertainment has fundamentally changed, especially in recent years, with the pandemic further accelerating the trend. At the same time, technology has already evolved to a place where we don’t need to leave our homes to have experiences that were once only possible with a physical presence.

This shift in the experience space is similar to how video content- namely film and television- can be consumed anywhere, including mobile, TV, or in a theater. For me, as it relates to entertainment, the metaverse can be looked at with the same theories for what has worked for communal experiences. The addition of sophisticated technological layers makes it unbound by the rules of physics, capacity, and location that limit real-life experiences.

All businesses and players in the music and entertainment industry can find abundant opportunities and possibilities to leverage the power of metaverse to create value. But while many are stuck debating what the term means now and into the future, especially in the context of entertainment, I enjoy the feeling of picking the hit early and have been actively working on multiple projects to explore the possibilities in action.

That includes ROBLOX, where I launched Paris World with Paris Hilton, a first-of-its-kind persistent evolving celebrity-based metaverse that lets users experience Paris’ life through an avatar – including events around Fashion Week, Coachella, and New Years Eve. I’ve also worked on driving projects using Unity and Unreal Engine, the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool for creators. As the founder of DXSH Metaverse Studios (, I aim to not only bring intellectual property holders and brands into the metaverse, but to create unique experiences that are impossible to do in real life while developing new communities.

With these experiences paving the way, I couldn’t be more excited to join the TSX Entertainment team, where the vision and potential are unlike anything I’ve seen in my lifetime. One thing that’s so unique about TSX Entertainment is that we are creating a digital mirror of the TSX Broadway building, in the heart of Times Square, in the metaverse. Since day one of this project, we are building a physical space with the metaverse plan in mind, front and center. This allows us to craft the physical strategy around what we want to do digitally and vice versa, so the vision of combining the two worlds to create the next-level entertainment experience is totally in sync with how we operate the business, thus how and what we deliver to the artists, fans and brands around the world.

As a newly minted Chief Metaverse Officer, I’m helping TSX Entertainment identify our direction as a challenger and pioneer in the space by building our experiences for the right audiences and platforms. Despite much hype with little substance in the metaverse today, we believe we can pioneer much in the space to maximize the commercial values of our vision. Most of all, I’m looking forward to growing our community – which is everything – and enjoying music together across the internet or IRL.

Scott Keeney (alias DJ Skee) is the new Chief Metaverse Officer of TSX Entertainment. Read more about him here and follow him on Twitter or Instagram.


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