ICRAVE and TSXE Talk World’s First Web3 Building at NYC Design Week

May 19, 2022

By Vittoria Benzine – Metaverse Post

As part of this week’s NYCxDESIGN festival, Lionel Ohayon of ICRAVE Design and Nick Holmstén of TSX Entertainment met at ICRAVE’s Flatiron, Manhattan offices for a fireside panel discussion last night.


The meeting was about ICRAVE’s and TSX’s latest joint project, TSX Broadway, which joins the entertainment capitol of Times Square with the rising Metaverse.

Ohayon called this endeavor the first of its kind to create both physical and digital components concurrently. From Design Week to SuperRare, the cultural events unfolding around New York City this week have focused on the space where Web3 and the real world meet.

ICRAVE’s clients include Lavo Nightclub, Exhale Spa, and the Dallas Cowboys. TSX Co-Founder and CEO Holmstén most recently served as Global Head of Music at Spotify, calling himself the “grandfather of playlists” during last night’s talk. Together they’ve got the gumption and knowhow to make big moves–and the resources necessary to pull them off.

TSX Broadway’s physical building is already overtaking Times Square’s iconic Palace Theater, where superstars like Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra got their starts. Though the endeavor’s slated to finish in 2023, construction is only in its first stages. Earlier this month, the project made headlines by lifting the entire Palace Theater 30 feet from its original resting place to set new foundations. In addition to TSX Broadway’s open-air stage, 100-square foot first-floor gallery, and an 8K screen set to become the area’s largest, the location will also host a new Palace Hotel, offering 660+ guest rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows and maximum amenities.

Ohayon and Holmstén have also poured resources into a big web development team on the front end to create a 100% app-integrated experience in the building. In addition, their Metaverse will allow fans worldwide to partake in the TSX Broadway experience–no matter how far they are from the Big Apple.

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