HD Magazine: ICRAVE to Design New York’s Next Concert Venue

June 5, 2022

By Will Speros

ICRAVE has revealed plans to partner with TSX Entertainment on the design of an indoor-outdoor performance venue at the site of the former Palace Theater in the heart of Manhattan. Totaling 74,500 square feet, the venue will boast an 18,000-square-foot interactive LED billboard crowning the 580-foot-tall structure. Most notably, the concept will incorporate a digital mirror of Times Square in the TSX Metaverse in order to provide a seamless analog and virtual experience for fans. The space will be designed to morph and evolve in both the digital and physical worlds to deliver an immersive range of experience and artistic expression.

“One of the things that’s really critical about this project is it’s built to be the greatest facility for the biggest artists in the world,” says Lionel Ohayon, founder and CEO of ICRAVE. “This is your production facility, this is where you team-build, this is where you do your promotion, this is where you have your events, this is where you launch, this is where your products launch, this is a machine for disseminating art controlled by artists—It’s an opportunity to connect directly.”

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