Android Developer

Company Introduction

TSX Entertainment (TSXE) is a one-of-a-kind entertainment company. We aim to create an integrated, innovative, interactive and immersive model, leveraging our team’s expertise and long history of disrupting the music and tech industries to define the entertainment experience of the future. 

At TSX Entertainment, we empower our teams to dream big and solve hard problems - for our fans and our partners. We seek out people who understand that consistent innovation is the result of each member of the team contributing their passion and their ideas. 

While we empower our teams to figure out the best solutions to the problems that need to be solved, we also hold those teams accountable to the results. We look for people who are not afraid of signing up for results. 

Our team members contribute meaningfully to our growth by inspiring a deep shared understanding, generating unique insights, implementing best practices and collaborating cross-functionally. 

Job Description

TSX Entertainment is looking for an Android Developer responsible for the development and maintenance of applications - consumer facing and to service venue operations. You will be working alongside other mobile engineers, utilizing a various suite of technologies.


  • Design and build applications / modules for the Android Platform
  • Provide effort estimation based on individual criteria
  • Write and maintain application code
  • Write and maintain test code to ensure quality


All Candidates should have:

  • Proficient with Kotlin and/or Java
  • Familiarity with Android framework, Android Layouts, and the most Google and 3rd party libraries.
  • Proficient in the use of Android Studio and tooling
  • Familiarity with Git code versioning tool

Ideal Candidates should have:

  • Knowledge of Jetpack Suite, including Jetpack Compose
  • Knowledge of persistence APIs (e.g. Realm)
  • Knowledge of RESTful APIs or GraphQL
  • Familiarity with architectural patterns like MVI, MVVM, or MVP
  • Familiarity with asynchronous programming (e.g. Kotlin Coroutines, Kotlin Flow, RxJava)
  • Familiarity with Gradle and some familiarity with versioning techniques
  • Familiarity with Android Media Libraries
  • Familiarity with UI Testing (Espresso, UI Automator, or Jetpack Compose Testing)
  • Familiarity with dependency injection frameworks (e.g. Koin, Hilt, Dagger)
  • Familiarity with unit testing and related libraries (e.g. Unit, Robolectric, MockK, Mockito, AssertJ)