NY Post: TSX Complex Readies For Its Spotlight Along Great White Way

October 2, 2022
By Steve Cuozzo

The ultra-bright Times Square corner of Broadway and West 47th Street will soon be even brighter.

The creators of TSX Entertainment, an eight-story fun park inside the 46-story hotel complex that’s called TSX Broadway and is officially 1568 Broadway, hope to turn on the bright lights in November. The tower’s 18,000 square-foot, wraparound LED billboard is even larger than the jumbo on the Times Square Edition hotel across the street.

The full launch of TSX on floors two through 10 “will happen in phases,” said TSX Entertainment co-founder and co-CEO Nick Holmsten. When it’s done, two mammoth doors will open a 30-foot-wide window on a 4,000 square-foot performance stage overlooking the bowtie’s northern end. The stage is designed with seats for the audience to be up-close with performers.

Holmsten crowed that the giant screen will be the only one in Times Square that won’t carry advertising. Rather, according to architectural firm ICRAVE, which is designing TSX Entertainment, “The concept will incorporate a digital mirror of Times Square in the TSX Metaverse to provide a seamless analog and virtual experience for fans.”

When the stage isn’t in use, the space behind the doors will become what Holmsten called “an incredible supper club” with room for 250 people.

Holmsten, the former global head of music for Spotify, said the entertainment floors “make fans more important than ever. They’ll be immersed in the experience.” It will include “a lot of sound interactivity” with Times Square visitors’ cell phones. He wouldn’t get into details, saying, “We don’t want to give too much away.”

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