SHAPE the future
of entertainment

We’re looking for great minds to join our growing team.

At TSX we seek people who are passionate about our mission and genuinely care about the success of the entire team. We expect you to contribute meaningfully to our growth by inspiring innovative thinking, generating unique insights and implementing best practices.


For TSX to reach its vision, we must dream big, solve hard problems and push the boundaries of what is possible. At TSX, we’re dedicated to nurturing a culture where everyone feels empowered and supported to create their best work and thrive together.

“I’m excited to work with a group of amazingly talented people and have a front-row seat at building a unique customer experience.”


Our Team

“We have an incredible opportunity to take the most trafficked corner in the world and combine it with a digital platform.”

Nick Holmstén

Co-Chief Executive Officer

“TSX is going to be a transformational platform to launch cultural moments. What we’re building is the future of entertainment.”

Ivan Yee

Co-Chief Executive Officer

““I chose TSX because I have always been driven by things that make people’s lives better. There is nothing more powerful than music and the desire to connect with other people.”

Mark Schulze

Chief Strategy Officer

“Why TSXE? Because of the team, vision, platform, and opportunity.”

Scott Keeney

Chief Metaverse Officer

“The opportunity we have at TSX is unlike others where you’re usually looking to solve problems – with our vision, we’re optimizing experiences, like going to concerts or connecting with their favorite artists.”

Shashant Jasani

SVP, Product

“TSX is bridging the physical experience of visiting Times Square and New York City and bringing it to individuals digitally. That’s what makes what we are doing so exciting.”

Bain Kennedy

SVP, Engineering

“TSX is a place where brilliant minds are creating a fantastic experience for fans.”

James Yang

SVP, Enterprise Architecture

Phil Meynell

VP, Creative & Entertainment

Alan Downs

Director, iOS Engineering

Alexa Lee Douglas

Executive Assistant

Bret Seemann

Sr. DevOps Engineer

Ebony Stokes

Sr. Director, Program Management

Henry Ciruelas

VP, Product Management

Jeffrey Thomas

Director, Platform Engineering

Jennifer Walker

Sr. Director, Design

Jeremy Wessely

Sr. Director, Product Management

John Suarez

Sr. Director, Android Engineering

Julian Millan

Unreal Engine Developer

Kyle Bridges

Sr. Director, Design

Nihar Amin

DevOps Engineer

Paul Kim

Sr. iOS Developer

Peter Schupmann

VP IT and Tech Ops

Quan Duong

Sr. Director, Product Management

Ryan Tan

iOS SDET Architect

Sebastian Dombrowski

Director, Android Engineering

Shailesh Calib

Android SDET Architect

Sun Moody

Sr. Director, Design

Ted Lin

Director, Product Management

Valentina Davila

Unreal Engine Developer

Vince Furlanetto

VP, Platform Architecture